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“a bit about me . I’m Carla. I’m a NASM CPT and nutrition coach. NPC Bikini and wellness competitor. I am a wife and a mama of 3! I have been into fitness and nutrition for over 10 years. I strive to better myself everyday. My goal is to help people reach a healthier and happier version of theirselves, to have a healthy relationship with food, and to enjoy the process! To help guide and help build confidence , to empower and help women and men feel comfortable and proud of themselves! It’s  consistency and A determined mindset. it's a lifestyle !!”

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 "Working with Carla won't only change your body for the better it will change your life! I feel so much better physically and mentally since cleaning up my eating habits and following a strength program, rather than killing myself with cardio. Food shouldn't be feared! do the work, trust this process, get the results. You can rely on Carla to help you every step of the way!" 

 "I have been working with Carla since April 2022. She has helped me put zero in on my nutrition and gain muscle. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and even when I was skeptical she encouraged me to trust the process. Carla listened to my thoughts, paid close attention to my goals and changed course of action when I wasn’t completely comfortable with something. I love that she takes the guess worn out of figuring out Macros. She does all The numbers work for me and then I can make it happen. She is guiding me through my first cut and I’m looking forward to seeing what we’ve built. I would not be here today without Carla’s expertise and guidance. Thank you Carla for helping me attain my goals!" 

 Where do I begin with how amazing Carla is to work with. I was skeptical to work with a macro nutrition coach over the Internet, and not in person, but she instantly proved all my fears wrong. She takes the time to get to know your lifestyle, how you currently eat, and what your goals are. You send weekly photos and let her know how you’re feeling. And she adjust things based on all the info and communication you had with her. She is very quick to respond to any questions or messages that you have. She helped me jumpstart my Postpartum weight loss journey! And I can’t thank her enough. Highly recommended 🤘🏼July -October 

 "They say “Fitness is a journey, not a destination,” but what if that journey becomes lonely? I’ve always been into home workouts and for a while, they did the trick. Unfortunately, with most home workouts you eventually hit a wall and start to lose motivation. That’s where a coach comes in handy. I’ve always followed Carla’s IG and loved how dedicated she was to her craft. I decided to reach out to Carla about a year ago asking for some advice on how to get out of my funk. She told me about a challenge she was getting ready to coach that consisted of workouts as well as a meal plan. I was all in and let me tell you, Best.Decision.Ever!! I’ve now completed 3 Challenges and followed her plan during our “downtime.” Not only have I lost inches, but I also gained muscle and definition. I can honestly say that I’m in the best shape of my life. It wasn’t always easy, especially as a busy mother to two small children but Carla was there to answer any questions I had as well as to demonstrate any exercises that I was not familiar with. Carla was always there checking in & holding me accountable, which is key for an amazing coach. Thank you Carla for making my journey an amazing ride & keeping me fit and healthy. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me next. 💜" 

 "I have always been a fitness enthusiast and just figured out my macros on my own. I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted so I decided to take it a step further and hire a macro coach. I contacted Carla about a year ago to give me a more definitive direction on where to go with my macros based on my goals. Carla responded to me immediately and started working with me started right away. She checks in with me once a week to see how my week has been and how I felt throughout the week. If I ever have any questions at all she doesn’t hesitate to respond. Carla is super upbeat and positive and cheers you on along your journey! Since last year I have definitely seen a positive change in my body composition, as well as my strength. Carla knows what she’s doing - I have had nothing but a great experience & would hands down recommend her!" 

 “Fit is not a destination; it is a way of life” Health and fitness have been my way of life for many years now but was finally ready to take my physical and mental strength to the next level. I couldn’t figure that out by myself, so I found Carla! Carla‘s mindset and values align with mine, so I knew she’d be perfect for me. Through Carla’s coaching, I am the strongest I’ve ever been by fueling my body properly, which means I am eating more than I ever thought I could! I forward to sharing my weekly progress, so she can adjust my nutrition to reach my goal. I am fascinated by Carla’s knowledge of nutrition and how she understands what my body requires and needs. Thank you, Carla, for being by my side and your dedication to me! 

  • West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States